Do You Have a Birth Plan?

So, what is a birth plan? This is a document that lets your doctors/nurses know what your preferences are for things such as managing your labor pain, etc. Now just because you have this plan in writing doesn’t mean you are in control; it just means your team has a clear view of what your wishes are. Keep in mind things can come up that can make this plan change.

At most hospitals or birth centers they have a birth plan worksheet. I did not know this. So that is why I am giving you some tips. The information on the worksheet can help guide you in how to start the discussion with your doctor. You can also find sample forms online. Please keep in mind that if you are high risk some options may not apply to your situation. Keep an open mind.

Now what is on this worksheet you ask? It looks like a checklist with a section for labor and a section for after delivery. Things for instance on this checklist are: I’d like to decide what position I deliver in, I do/don’t want an epidural, I plan to breastfeed, I plan to feed my baby formula, just to name a few.

Also, something I didn’t know is, that “not” all hospitals allow you to videotape the delivery. So, find out the hospital’s policy if you are wanting to videotape the delivery of your baby. You may also want to ask what the hospital’s policy is on fetal monitoring. Please see our blog on why a fetal monitor is so important.

There are so many things you are thinking of in getting ready for your new arrival. Our goal is to remind you of some of the things you may not have thought of. Furthermore, if you have any questions or you ever find yourself needing our services at Thomas & Wan, LLP please call us at 713-529-1177.

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