SURGERY, the 2nd most common cause of Medical Malpractice Claims!

SURGERY, the 2nd most common cause of Medical Malpractice Claims!

When you think surgery, you think, yes, there can be some risk involved. You are being put under anesthesia; but you trust your doctors who are trained to make the right decisions on your behalf. It is what they went to school for right?

According to a report by medical liability insurer Coverys, 17 percent of surgical malpractice claims are orthopedic surgery, 8 percent are neurosurgery and 22 percent are general surgery. Reports also suggest that surgeons are a major factor in medical malpractice claims. 2,579 claims involved surgeon performance issues. The remainder of the claims were from the decision making prior to surgery.

Factors include: the surgeon having a lack of technical skill, failure in clinical judgement or communication, a foreign body left inside the patient, surgery performed on the wrong patient or the wrong surgical area and having unnecessary surgery.

When reading this, I was alarmed at how much is going on that we may not be aware of. We place our lives in the hands of these doctors; we must sign a consent form. As those of you know when having surgery, there is a laundry list of things we must sign. Now that being said, this doesn’t mean that surgery is without risk. One of the preventable risks is a surgeon being careless or distracted. Many surgery errors are preventable. Failure to follow the standard of care to a patient is a violation to you, the patient!

If you have any concerns that you or a family member experienced a surgical error, death from surgery, or the wrong surgery was performed, please let Thomas & Wan, LLP help you today. We are here to answer all your questions and give you piece of mind in this very trying time. Please call us today.

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