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THOMAS & WAN has over 45 years of combined experience in helping injured families harmed by the negligence of others. We value our clients, and our greatest compliment is a referral from our clients. Some of our past clients have shared the following with us:

After a heart transplant in August 2016, Ernest “Chris” Keys can’t talk or walk. The Houston hospital is under pressure for the quality of its once-renowned heart program. Now it is being sued by Mr. Keys's family.

— Houston Chronicle-July 5, 2018 -

After being abandoned by my original lawyer who was greedy for money, Linda was a TRUE answer to my prayers. She is after JUSTICE, not money. She has spent COUNTLESS hours researching my case and asking just the right questions. She has the heart of a saint; she really cares about her clients and it shows. I have emailed her outside of our visits asking for updates or just addressing concerns I have, and she answers right away. I also have been very anxious and stressed with my case as I suffer from PTSD due to it, and she is kind, gentle, and reassuring. It truly is having an angel by your side! I don't know where I'd be without her, but I'm getting JUSTICE. If you want a piece of Heaven on Earth in your corner, GET LINDA!! She will fight for YOU, WITH you!

— – Lauren

I had a hard time coming to the terms with what happened to my baby at birth..and as i was looking thru and for Medical Mal Practice attorney and her face was so welcoming i loved what i read and how long she has been an attorney.our first meet and greet i was anxious and emotional and she had a comfort vibe her tone of voice..her concern about what’s happened..and her smile.. I instantly relaxed and what helped me thru my child birth complications she said it wasnt my fault and gave me a hug i cried on her shoulder and it was such amazing feeling..she understood what i was talking about.. Linda Thomas you are an amazing woman and i thank god for the opportunity of meeting a woman like yourself. I appreciate all you have helped me with and accomplish.

— –Alyssa

During the summer of 2011, I was searching for legal representation, in the Houston area, regarding a medical malpractice. I approached a particular Houston area law firm who gave me the run around and eventually stopped responding to my calls. Very discouraged and unsure of my rights, I thought about not even pursuing it any further. After careful reconsideration, and wondering how many others had given up and not reported this particular physician, as I had thought about not doing; I began to surf the internet. I read and read about several other attorneys in the Houston area, but it wasn't until I came across the website for Thomas & Wan that I believed I could be well represented. Within 24 hours of contacting them, Linda Thomas called me. I remember that day so clearly. I was a emotional wreck. Mrs. Thomas allowed me to explain my issue, without interruptions After carefully listening, she provided me with legal options. Appreciating the genuineness of Mrs. Thomas, I decided that they would be my legal counsel. I was invited to a face to face meeting with both Linda Thomas and Michelle Wan. From that day to ~16 months later, these attorneys and their staff have been my backbone, eyes and ears regarding the legalities of my case. Linda and Michelle tag teamed this case! They were very understanding and willing to work around my busy work schedule. Everything they told me that could or would happen during the case was "on point". It's been a long time coming, and the case has now been settled. I am very,very pleased that justice was well served!! With that said, I trust them and will always look to Thomas & Wan, LLP to represent myself, my family and friends with cases that involve their expertise! Thank You Thomas & Wan, LLP!!

— Trina Scott

Thomas & Wan represented my baby who was seriously harmed by nurses at a hospital who did not know what they were doing. Linda and Michelle were able to guide us through what to do in getting help for my baby for the rest of his life.

— Stephanie S

Linda and Michelle represented me when I was hurt at a refinery. I had tried using a different lawyer, but he never returned my calls or talked to me. Linda and Michelle did a good job and they care about your case.

— Rogelio L

Thomas & Wan did a great job representing me and my family against the owner of our apartment complex. We have just moved in when our daughter was shot in the head by a stray bullet while she was sleeping in her bed. It was a miracle she survived. The lawyers at Thomas & Wan went to work right away and through research found out that there had been five murders at that complex the year before. They also found out that the complex didn’t hire security to patrol at night. They were able to settle the case without even having to go to trial. Now were going to have the money to take care of our little girl’s needs now and in the future.

— Lisa A